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Sourcing parties

The best first step is always a party. We’ll host a sourcing jam at your office, complete with treats and high-fives. We’ll on-board your team and walk you through every step of success.

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Tap into your networks

Our proprietary methodology parses your employees’ social connections and identifies the engineers. Our platform lets people recommend their best connections via a simple interface.

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You’ll walk away with 15+ referrals per employee, software to manage the process, and a dedicated recruiter to help with outreach, best practices, quarterly check-ins, and celebrating your new hires.

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Why are employee referrals important?

A strong employee referral program is the best way to simultaneously build company culture and recruit effectively and efficiently.

With StrongIntro, we went from passively hoping for referrals to actively finding them. They increased our employee referral pipeline by 25x. Pretty awesome.

Calvin French-Owen

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Questions & Answers

StrongIntro is a recruiting tool and a service that lets you tap into the networks of your existing employees. We do so by using both a software and human-centric approach, and we want to help you hire thoughtfully.

StrongIntro is an outbound sourcing tool that integrates directly with your applicant tracking system — enabling a seamless transition from top-of-funnel to sitting-at-a-desk.

On average, an employee will spend 15 to 20 minutes going through their network.

We charge commission on a hire’s first year salary.

Employee referrals are the most cost-effective hires, have the quickest time-to-hire rate, stay at a company longer, and are a great way to build culture. At companies like Stripe, 70% of their employees come in through referrals. We can teach you how to do it.

You are in full control of your network. Visit our Privacy Policy for more details.

We are Y Combinator W16 grads; a Thiel fellow, a Teespring alum, and a talent partner who are all really excited about connecting people thoughtfully. We work in SoMissPo (it’s a real thing!) and we love what we do.

Join some of the fastest-growing companies using StrongIntro Get a demo